Suppliers Ratings

PPI considers that the use of a rating system that keeps the suppliers informed of their performance in the PEMEX procurement process contributes to establishing a cooperative business relationship. The process helps suppliers identify and improve deficient areas, which in turn will benefit all parties.

Every four months, each supplier who has participated in any procurement activities with PEMEX is evaluated according to the following criteria:


  • Best price
  • On-Time Delivery (compliance with delivery time)
  • Quality (measures successful inspections against rejections, and
    includes claims submitted by the customers)
  • Customer Service (responsiveness and correctness of information)


Each of these criteria is assigned a weight, which combined can produce a maximum possible score of 100%. Suppliers with a score of 80% or above qualify for consideration in bids and other purchasing processes that PEMEX and its subsidiaries carry out through the services provided by PPI.