The tender has concluded and the contract award has been issued, or the process has been declared null.

Tender No.Call for Tender Publication DateSubsidiarySub-directorateDescription
18575088-515-1408/28/2014PEMEX-Exploracion y Produccion, PEPSubgerencia de Contratacion de Perforacion y Servicios a Pozos

Lease without option to buy, of one Semi-Submersible Drilling Platform, S/S “M1”

1857505050914 04/29/2014PEMEX-Exploracion y Produccion, PEPSubgerencia de Recursos Materiales Regiones Marinas

Acquisition of Mudline Suspension Equipment.

185750265081403/20/2014PEMEX-Exploración y Producción, PEPSubdirección de Producción Región Marina

Acquisition and Installation of Four Sour Gas Sweetening Plants.