Procurement Services

Our expertise in International Procurement offers PEMEX the tools, know-how, and systems to access the world markets directly to procure any type of goods and services.

The integration of the following services adds value to all our procurement operations.

Legal Instruments

Framework Agreements make global trading a more efficient and agile process. These long term contracts are agreements for the purchase of goods and contracting of services.

Framework Agreements are negotiated between PPI and original equipment manufacturers, producers, licensed distributors, and certified service providers which allow PEMEX and its subsidiaries to effectively purchase/contract equipment, parts, information technology, consumables, repairs, maintenance, and other products/services, while strictly complying with PEMEX’s legal Framework and internal regulations.


We provided purchasing services using our quality procedures that comply with PEMEX’s internal regulations and International Commercial practices.

  • Market research of technologies, price, suppliers, distribution channels, procurement conditions, etc.
  • Bidding process
  • Negotiation of contracts
  • Order Placement

The documentation requires by the Financing Sources can be found by following this link.

Please follow these instructions for the delivery of documentation required by Financing Sources.

Logistics and Customs

We coordinate the worldwide logistics of PEMEX’s purchases with a door-to-door solution using all reliable modes of commercial transportation.

  • Ground, air, ocean, or rail transportation
  • Coordination of import/export customs services
  • Product storage and distribution
  • Import/Export documentation compliance
  • Computerized tracking and communication

Expediting and Inspection

We provide a tracking system and on-site inspection of supplier plant facilities and production processes. All purchased materials go through the following:

  • Physical inspection for quality and quantity
  • Certification of compliance to specifications
  • Supplier assessment

Supplier Payment Processing

On this page you have access to tendering processes that PPI is conducting or has conducted acting on behalf of Petroleos Mexicanos and its Subsidiary Entities.

These processes are conducted following and in accordance with the Petroleos Mexicanos Law.