PPI attended in the 2018 World Gas Conference.

29 June, 2018

PPI was invited to participate as a panelist at the 27th World Gas Conference in Washington D.C. The Conference is the leading global industry event and gathered influential leaders, buyers and sellers, policy-makers and experts from around the world. The WGC 2018 was the largest and most significant global gas event ever held.

In this 27th edition of the conference, Salvador Escobedo, PPI’s President & CEO participated in the debate at the “Regional Challenges and Opportunities in the Americas” panel. He had the opportunity to exchange ideas with: Victor Carlos Urrutia Guardia, Secretary of the National Secretariat of Energy of Panama; Mark Loquan, President of the National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago; Barry Worthington, Executive Director of the United States Energy Association; Ambassador (Ret) Dr Neil Parsan, Managing Director of Parsan Cross – Global Strategic Advisors and Hector Castro Vizcarra, Minister for Energy Affairs of Mexico’s Embassy in USA.