Korean Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) explore business opportunities with PEMEX

30 October, 2018

Salvador Escobedo, President of PPI, Mr. Kim Dooyoung, Executive Vice President of KOTRA (center)  and Mr. Son Pyongil  General Director of KOTRA


In October PPI was invited by the Korean Trade of Investment Promotion Agency (Kotra) to participate in two different events, the “Global Offshore & Marine Plaza 2018” and the “GP Korea 2018”.

KOTRA is a non-profit organization that provides trade promotion services and assistance in investment and industrial technology cooperation between domestic and foreign firms.

The organization provides foreign investment promotion, investment consulting, market research, partner search, administrative support, legal and tax advice, and follow-up services.

In recent years, the agency has emphasized supporting Korean SMEs to explore overseas opportunities. As a result of this strategy, KOTRA reached out to PPI to connect with oil & gas industry suppliers and satisfy the operational need of PEMEX and its affiliates.

PPI’s attendance to the aforementioned events allowed us to meet with more than 30 different Korean companies and manufacturers related to the offshore industry, as well as high-tech companies to establish business relationships.

Heriberto Sillas, Supplier Alliance Vice President participated at the “Global Offshore & Marine Plaza 2018”, held from October 10th to 12th in the city of Busan. Busan is the largest offshore and shipbuilding city of Korea. Heriberto had one-on-one business meetings with representatives of 15 Korean offshore and marine equipment-manufacturing companies.


At the Global Partnering Korea 2018, held on October 23-24 in Seoul, PPI’s President, Salvador Escobedo and Supplier Relation Specialist, Gabriela Sam had one-on-one meetings with 16 Korea’s cutting-edge technology companies.

Salvador Escobedo made a presentation about Pemex participation in the global market, and he also address about the Supplier Registration process, which is the initial step for companies to be in PEMEX Supplier Directory. This process assures an efficient, reliable and transparent procurement chain, which enables all the contracting areas within Pemex to obtain updated information from suppliers, as well as the knowledge of their capacities, in order to meet the requirements of PEMEX and its affiliates.