Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct

A high standard of ethics is essential to PPI’s success. Our Company’s good name and reputation gets built in large part by our collective actions. That means the work-related activities of every employee must reflect standards of honesty, loyalty, integrity, impartiality, respect, and responsibility.

PPI has developed a Code of Ethics and a Code of Conduct, which require mandatory observance by its employees, executives and its Board of Directors. These codes establish the guidelines and standards that we expect every member of our organization to follow as we conduct day-to-day business with suppliers, contractors and customers on behalf of PPI, and among ourselves.

The commitment of PPI to ethical principles is expressed in the following guidelines that norm the behavior of all members of our organization in activities that are outside the scope of regulatory control. These ethical guidelines are:

·     Complying with the provisions established in matters of transparency, access to information, accountability, and personal data protection


·     Identifying and managing risks that may expose us to acts of corruption, in order to decrease the likelihood of their occurrence
·     Publishing only information that is accurate, correct, complete, truthful and timely, which will be disseminated only by authorized persons and means, and according to applicable provisions


·     Preventing conflicts of interest  in order to guarantee clean and transparent processes
·     Promoting and encouraging fair and free competition, using technical and economic selection criteria previously established by the company ·     Conducting our business relationships in accordance with the company’s ethical principles, strictly enforcing our anti-corruption provisions, and committed to only working with those who adhere to high ethical standards


·     Rejecting bribery, kickbacks, collusion, conflicts of interest, influence peddling, and any other form of corruption


·     Maintaining a work environment characterized by equality and non-discrimination, harassment, violence, or bullying
·     Rejecting any payment or benefit to ensure preferential treatment to  accelerate business relationships (we do not accept giveaways, benefits, travel, commissions or any other form of compensation to influence a business decision or gain an undue advantage) ·     Recognizing the value of human diversity regardless of ethnic or natural origin, skin color, culture, sex, gender, identity gender, age, disability, social status, economic status, health, religion, physical appearance, genetic characteristics, pregnancy, language, opinions, sexual orientation, identity or political affiliation, civil status, family situation, family responsibilities, or language.